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Articles of Interest » General Dance Article Collection

General Dance Article Collection

A group of articles on selected dance topics that should always be of interest to the ballroom dancer.

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The Importance of Changing Partners

Benefits of Exchanging Dance Partners

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Dance Etiquette

Dance Etiquette for Social Dancing: To and From the Dance Floor, Dance Traffic, One-On-One on the dance floor.

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Balance and Control of Smooth Movement

Connecting to your partner is difficult to grasp [in] smooth dances . . . not to pull when moving backward or not to charge from the head and shoulders when moving forward is the one skill I find dancers have the greatest difficulty developing.

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Getting the Most Out of the Houston USA Dance Monthly Social Dances

There are about 60 songs at a typical Houston USAD dance . .that's a lot of dances over three hours . . . dancing with different partners helps us meet the other dancers, and since we're all socializing for similar reasons, why not get acquainted?

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Ballroom Dance and Your Health

Dance, and particularly ballroom dance, has been shown to benefit both mind and body in numerous scientific studies, and the elderly population showed amazing benefits for cognitive functioning as well as reduced risk of depression.

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Dance Friendly

Sharing your knowledge and attitude about Line of Dance with others could result in a more enjoyable dance experience for all of us.